ww2 Hautentgiftungssalbe


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ww2 Hautentgiftungssalbe (41)


Original ww2 Hautentgiftungssalbe 1943 by (bts)

As we have seen, in 1941 Losantin started to be replaced by a new ready mixed preparation called ‘Hautentgiftungssalbe 41’ – Skin Detoxification Ointment 41 (41 standing for the year of issue).

This ointment was issued in both an orange (for use on the skin) and brown (for use on weapons and field equipment) Bakelite bottle, with a screw top lid, which was attached to the body by means of a thin cord. Underneath the lid was a pointed tip opening, which offered pinpoint accuracy when applying to the affected area. The bottles also featured a paper instruction label to the face.

Good period used condition.