Take advantage of our client base & with our service we take care of everything from taking pictures, descriptions, answering questions, pricing and postage it's that simple!

We are happy to help, please view the tables below for more info or contact us by email.

Have you found militaria during a house clearance? passed down military items you wish to sell?

Do you have a single item or entire collection you wish to sell? Take out the trouble of selling with our consignment service!

Value less than euro €1000:25% of the final sales price

Value from euro €5000 - €10k:12.5% of the final sales price

Value from euro €1000 - €5000:15% of the final sales price

Value if over euro €10k:10% (or TBD) at start.

Benefit's of consigning items

  • Consignee does not have to spend time trying to list items or answering endless questions on each item.
  • We have a client base that search for these particular items that you can take advantage of.
  • No need to spend time wrapping items & constant trips to post out items!
  • Prices can be set by the consignee.
  • Unsold goods can be returned at no cost, thus reducing risk.
  • All pictures, listings, descriptions as well as package & shipment taken care of on customers behalf.

Contact Us

  • Consignors are asked to simply provide net values desired for each item listed.
  • For More Information about the panzertruppecollectables Consignment & Sales Service please contact us via our email info@panzertruppecollectables.com

PLEASE do not ship items to us for consignment without prior discussion.