ww2 7th cavalry uniform group


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ww2 7th cavalry uniform group


Superb U.S. 7th cavalry uniform grouping.


Set consists of a original ww2 Garrison cap, 4 pocket Jacket, medal bar, insignia and CIB .


The cap has yellow piping for cavalry and a 7th cavalry Garry Owen DUI attached.

The cap is in a good size and nice condition.

The 4 pocket jacket has a laundry number, in a nice condition with only 1 small moth bite.

The jacket has a very nice and bright original iron horse patch attached along with 7th cav Garry Owen dui’s to the collar as well as branch of service insignia!

There are overseas service patches, rank patches and meritorious unit commendation patches attached.

There is a medal bar and Combat Infantry Badge attached that are in a very nice condition!

Overall a superb uniform set to a Famous unit of the U.S. military with a long heritage!