Panzer Wrap


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Panzer Wrap


Superb Heer black Panzer wrap for a obergefreiter, constructed with the mid-war quality coarse black wool with lining of  grey green polished cotton. There are two internal breast pockets, on the inside of the left pocket it is nice and clearly RBNr. stamped in prominent black ink,  above the pocket are the depot size stamps also in black ink with a 92cm chest size and with a production date of 1943 and with the code “St” for Stettin which is today now Szczecin in Poland. The wrap has closure tabs, inner belt hook support straps and tie tape tunnels which are made of the same material as the lining,  the inner waist closure ties are of a Black coloured tape with HBT weave, the wrap has been period tailored for the wearer and as such been shortened from 4 front button closure to 3 which was quite common practise amongst the panzertruppen, the 3 large front closure buttons are of a black composite material, the cuff, lapel and inner tab closure buttons are the same but smaller sized versions, the shoulder strap buttons are pebbled aluminium painted field grey, all buttons are present and originally stitched, the factory applied collar patches have pink rosa coloured waffenfarbe are neatly machine stitched with black thread to the collar. The silver aluminium Totenkopfen which are attributed to the maker Assmann which are affixed with 2 prongs each do not protrude through the collar. The subdued woven national emblem is beautifully period applied with the known “flip and stich” machine application, set up for wear with slip on shoulder straps and includes a matched pair of slip on shoulder straps made of issue black wool with black flat cotton tongue reinforcements feature the post 1940  synthetic piping. The left sleeve has a hand sewn Obergefreiter rank patch applied to it and the cuff ends are also finished with the same interior lining material.  There is a Iron Cross award ribbon hand sewn in the correct position of the top button hole on the front panel, garment is completely free of any damage, alteration or repair, perhaps the best of this type we have seen for some time as the wrap features qualities like the original factory produced insignia and textbook application! Overall we deem this wrap a superb addition to any collection which will display very well indeed!

fantastic wrap in a super untouched condition!!!