Panzer officers Visor Cap


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Panzer officers Visor Cap


Heer Panzer officer’s visored cap, virtually mint looking example that shows very little service wear!

The cap which could be a officer upgrade has a body made of trikot wool with a dark green cap band and pink rosa coloured piping in wool. The composite visor has fine finish with very light service wear, the silver metallic chin cord is held in place with two silver pebbled buttons, The insignia to the front has a zinc Heer national emblem and matching wreath with felt centred rosette attached by prongs which do not penetrate the lining. The interior has its celluloid sweat diamond removed as do most, cap is a size 58cm,  The lining materials are an orange/tan colour  cloth, the pliable brown leather sweatband has almost no damage apart from 1 slight small tear about 3mm and another small mark in 1 place,  cap is in excellent condition and retains its bright coloured waffenfarbe. We must stress this cap is one of the best we have had for a very long time and does not have any traves of mothing!

This would be a superb addition to any collection!