Demjansk award grouping


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Demjansk award grouping


Demjansk award grouping consisting of 4 award citations and Demjansk shield document!

Group of award documents to Gefreiter Josef Reichl of Infantry regiment 26 (6th kompanie)

Iron Cross 2nd class award dated 2nd August 1941

Infantry Assault award dated 31st July 1942

Iron Cross 1st class award dated 28th September 1942

Wound Badge in Black document dated 2nd October 1942

Demjansk Shield document dated 12th December 1944

All are issued while being a member of the 6th kompanie of Infantry regiment 26!


The Flensburg Infantry Regiment was set up in what was then Military District II during the expansion of the Reichswehr into the Wehrmacht on October 1, 1934 . The regimental staff was formed in Flensburg , in what was then Military District II . The 1st battalion of the regiment was set up by donations from the 6th Infantry Regiment in Rendsburg, then also Military District II . The II. Battalion of the regiment was set up by donations from the Infantry Regiment 5 in Schleswig , then also Military District II . The III. Battalion from the regiment was replaced by the III. Battalion of the 6th Infantry Regiment also set up in Flensburg . The regiment was subordinated to the Reichswehr service centre in Hamburg . When the associations were exposed on October 15, 1935, the regiment was renamed the 26th Infantry Regiment . All of the regiment ‘s garrisons now belonged to Wehrkreis X. The regiment was now attached to the 20th Infantry Division . From the beginning of October 1936, the regiment was then assigned to the new 30th Infantry Division . On October 12, 1937, the I. Battalion was renamed from the regiment to the II. Battalion from the 46th Infantry Regiment . At the beginning of November 1938, due to donations from the 46th Infantry Regiment ,and from their own regiment a supplementary battalion from the 26th Infantry Regiment was also set up in Flensburg . The 1st battalion from the regiment was only re-established in the summer of 1939 when it was mobilized for World War II. The regiment then took part in the Polish campaign as part of the 30th Infantry Division . In the period from September 13, 1939 to September 20, 1939.

Part of Infantry regiment 26 then later becomes Fusilier regiment 26 after reorganisation.

The 26th Fusilier Regiment was formed on December 10, 1942. The regiment was created by renaming the Infanterie-Regiment 26 . The regiment was set up as the traditional bearer of the Fusilier Regiment Queen No. 86 from Flensburg.

 The regiment was subordinate to the 30th Infantry Division and fought on the Eastern Front. In the winter of 1942/43 the III. Battalion disbanded except for a 15th company.

 The regiment was disbanded in October 1944. The 1st battalion from the regiment was then subordinated to the 6th Grenadier Regiment.


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