Unique Leipzig Flieger Technische Vorschule Album!!!


Unique Leipzig Flieger Technische Vorschule Album!!!

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A very rare chance to obtain a super rare grouping to a young Hitler Youth Flieger Technische Vorschule student from Leipzig!!!


Not only do we have his fully packed photo album, but we also have the VERY rare cuff title!!! Many said that it was never issued….   …until now!

We not only have his Super Rare cuff title & Hitler Youth Leipzig Flieger Technische Vorschule insignia but also the Historically important photographic evidence to back it up!


A truly remarkable grouping that is rarely encountered!!! This is a exclusive item for us to offer!

There are many pictures of training, family life and many of the adventures of this young HJ student during his time at the pilot engineering school and other events, but most important are the rare portraits with the even rarer cuff title in wear! This is historically important group indeed!


The album is full of hand drawn images and descriptions of locations and occurrences! Included with the album are the cuff title and all his insignia ( again from Leipzig unit ) Flieger Technische Vorschule Leipzig!!!

This album is worthy of further research and given its rarity would be suited to either a advanced collector or museum.


A rare item that we are proud to be able to offer exclusively!!!

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