SS Police Rgt. 25 Insignia


SS Police Rgt. 25 Insignia

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Formation and organization

Police Regiment Lublin was formed on 4 November 1939. Under its control were two battalions from Police Group 1 (Polizeigruppe 1) as well as Police Battalion 102 (Polizei-Batallion 102). The regiment maintained a strength of three battalions until July 1941, although the individual battalions were frequently rotated in and out.

The invasion of Russia in June 1941 created a need for rear-area security units on the Eastern Front and Police Regiment Lublin provided some of these. They were partially replaced by worn-out units returning from Russia. When the regiment was redesignated on 9 July 1942 as the 25th Police Regiment, Police Battalion 65, Police Battalion 67, and Reserve Police Battalion 101 were redesignated as the regiment’s first through third battalions, respectively.  All of the police regiments were redesignated as SS police units on 24 February 1943.

Together with the 22nd SS Police Regiment and other security forces, the regiment participated in Operation Harvest Festival (Aktion Erntefest) on 3–4 November, the massacre of 42,000 Jews imprisoned in the Majdanek extermination camp and several of its sub-camps. During this time it was commanded by SS-Gruppenführer und Generalleutnant der Polizei Jakob Sporrenberg, SS and Police Leader (SS- und Polizeiführer) Lublin.

Rare set of insignia that we managed to pick up, there are the shoulder straps (schulterklappem) which do show some mothing as you can see and the police arm shield which is in good order!

The shoulder board unit numbers and pips have been on these boards forever as you can see from the age and oxidisation and are original to the straps!

We deem this small but rare grouping nice!

A real history piece with a story to tell!

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