Seefahrt Ist Not Tinnie


Seefahrt Ist Not Tinnie

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Original Seefahrt Ist Not (Shipping is Necessity) Tinnie 1935!

This piece is constructed out of a die struck, aluminum alloy base that has been silver washed and lacquered. The obverse depicts a sailing ship breaking through the waves, below an NSDAP national eagle (clutching a wreathed swastika within its talons), above the bottom of an anchor and is all surrounded by “Tag Der Deutschen Seefahr 25, 26 5 1935” and “Seefahrt Ist Not”.

The reverse shows a flat back with a horizontally crimped pin and is maker marked to the reverse.

The pin is in good working condition. It shows great detail! It measures approximately 1 9/16 inches wide by 1 3/4 inches tall.

A nice tinnie!

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