Panzer Officer Slip-On Boards Leutnant


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Panzer Officer Slip-On Boards Leutnant


Panzer Officer Slip-On Boards Leutnant in panzer regiment 18.

Slip on shoulder boards with panzer pink piping are in a very good condition with signs of age & storage.

Gilt gold regimental numbers attached to each board.

The 18th Panzer Regiment was formed on November 9, 1940 in Military District V for the 18th Panzer Division . The regiment was formed from the tank divisions A (I. Division) and B (II. Division). On March 1, 1941, a III. Division formed from the II Division of the disbanded Panzer Regiment 28 . Around May 1941, some companies in the regiment were renamed. At the beginning of the Russian campaign, the regiment consisted of six Panzer I , 50 Panzer II , 99 Panzer III with 3.7-cm KwK, 15 Panzer III with 5-cm KwK, 36 Panzer IV and 12 command tanks. The regiment was deployed under the 18th Panzer Division in Central Russia. At the beginning of the winter of 1941/42 the regiment was in action near Tula. On May 15, 1942 the regiment was disbanded.