Panzer Feldherrnhalle Grouping


Panzer Feldherrnhalle Grouping

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Panzer Feldherrnhalle Grouping!!!

Set comprises of:

Award documents for the Panzer Assault Badge signed in the field in 1941 while serving with Panzer Regiment 33.

Iron Cross award dated 28th August 1941 with Pz Rgt 33.

Wound badge in Black dated 7th July 1943 while under 1st kompanie Panzer Abteilung 51.


Both PAB + EK2 documents look to be signed by: General der Panzertruppe (Pictured) Dr.jr.  Alfred Ritter von Hubicki (05.02.1887-14.07.1971)
DKIG on 22.04.1942 as Generalleutnant and kommandeur of 9th Panzer Division, Ritterkreuz on 20.04.1941 as Generalleutnant and kommandeur 9th Panzer Division.
VWA Document signed by Hauptmann Heinrich Meyer (27.04.1913 – 19.08.1943) Awarded DKIG on 25.09.1942 as Hauptmann and kommandeur II./Panzer Regiment 33.
13.01.1943 to 19.08.1943 Kommandeur Panzer-Abteilung 51.


Letter to Kurts Wife dated 28th Febuary 1945 from Kurts unit Panzer – Abteilung Feldherrnhalle.

Superb set that needs to be researched!!!


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