Original U.S. WWII Arctic Rubber Overshoes


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Original U.S. WWII Arctic Rubber Overshoes


Original Item: Rare! These original WW2 issue black Mickey Mouse boots were developed to be worn over the normal boots and provide extra protection in cold weather. U.S. Army nomenclature is OVERSHOES, ARCTIC, CLOTH TOP.

Although called an Arctic boot, they were used extensively in the European Theater of Operations (ETO) during the winter of 1944, including the Battle of the Bulge. The design features an upper consisting of a layer of rubber between two layers of fabric. A bellows tongue reaching to the boot top excludes water up to the top of the boot. The rubber sole is molded onto the upper. The boots are closed with the original metal ladder latch.

This pair are dated inside July 27th 1944 and made by Lidicott Johnson Corp. SIZE 11.

These are in Mint condition!