KVK 2nd class to airfield obergefreiten


KVK 2nd class to airfield obergefreiten

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Kvk 2nd class document to a obergefreiten who was stationed at this fighter base.

Achmer  (a.k.a. Achmer-Bramsche) (52 22 30 N – 07 55 15

 Fliegerhorst (air station or air base) 15 km NW of
Osnabrück in Lower Saxony in NW Germany, 5.2 km SW of Bramsche,
2.8 km S of Achmer village and just a few kilometers from the airfields
at Hesepe and Vörden.
History: construction began in 1936 and was completed in 1939, with
additions and improvements continuing to 1944. First use by a flying
unit dates from August 1940 (10.(Erg.)/KG 2 with Do 17s). Achmer
was essentially a bomber base until 1943 and then a fighter base after

Document in very good used condition.

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