German WW1 Honour Cross for Widows


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German WW1 Honour Cross for Widows


WW1 Widows Honour Cross.

This award is also known as the Hindenburgh Cross, named after Field Marshal Paul von Hindenburgh who instituted it, which was introduced in 1934 in 3 different versions to recognise all participants of WW1 and the parents or wives of the fallen.

Military personal received a bronzed steel cross ‘with swords’, non-combattants received a similar version without swords, and next of kin received a blackened cross.

This next award is in excellent condition and free of damage, the award itself has its full original black finish with very minimal wear to the high points.

The reverse is maker marked MAYER & WILHELM of Stuttgart, the award comes with a length of correct original ribbon, which is different to the other 2 versions, having the black and white stripes reversed.

Fine award ready to display!