Exquisite Stug Officers Wrap!


Exquisite Stug Officers Wrap!

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Exquisite Stug Officers Wrap!

Exceptional Heer Officers Sturmgeschütz wrap for the rank of Oberleutnant, This really is a top wrap showing only the lightest traces of use, The wrap has the textbook characteristics of the special Tailored clothing produced for officers use. The Wrap constructed of very high grade German made field grey wool, the wrap has a very neat appearence with very smart collar and lapels, short waist and long arms typical found on tailor produced examples. The wrap is lined in a green artificial rayon material and has belt hook support straps and tie tunnels made of the same material, Interesting to note is that the owner has had his initials neatly embroided into the lining pocket! This was obviously a stylish officer from a wealthy background!

There are 2 internal pockets, there are four large grey/green composite closure buttons, the lapel and cuff buttons are smaller and have a slightly convex shape, the black buttons used to fasten the internal buttoning tabs and for the cuffs are of a smaller and slightly different style, the shoulder strap buttons are metal painted pebbled type, all buttons are originally sewn, at the collar junction is a steel hook and eye, the matching wool collar patches are machine sewn in a grey/green cotton thread & the collar tabs are also piped in Red rayon waffenfarbe and have never had skulls attached as was intended, there are no holes or traces of there ever been any skulls attached either. The matching shoulder straps have red wool bases. The straps each have one Gold rank pip with backing prongs, the shoulder strap bridles are unaltered, the sleeve’s also have the rayon lining which match the interior.

There is a Iron cross ribbon attached to the buttonhole on the front closure pannel and loops for 1 award on the chest. This piece is free of insect or other types of damage, this wrap is superb!!!

It displays beautifuly and would be the centrepiece of any collection!!!

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